Friday, May 20, 2005

Madison Lenox- Going, Going, Gone- Last Shots

A grand old building it was in its heyday!

Some of the last shots of the Madison Lenox before the demolition crew finished it off for a parking lot. More to come:

"Going going gone...
"They don't care 'cause they stay paid anyway"
Public Enemy

We're not Public Enemy but the message is about the same. The "goner" here is the Hotel Madison-Lenox in downtown Detroit. We witnessed another part of Detroit's history being grounded by a wrecking ball. Bricks, shower curtains, and dust. Well, another parking lot will supposedly make more money for its owner.

DetroitBazaar applauds money making and in fact encourages it, but DetroitBazaar also sees value in preserving historic buildings that promise prosperity to those who care. There indeed will be plenty of others who will muck it up with the city, remind us of the historical aspects, and attempt to untangle the legal issues in the courts; we're here to spread the word that another fine building has been lost. The last thing DetroitBazaar wants to do is get wrapped up in politics so let's calm the waters and realize there are other buildings that are in desperate need, right now, of redevelopment or reconstruction.

The Madison Lenox property is owned by very wealthy people, as are the United Artists,Fine Arts, and many more buildings of significance. Indeed, the renovation the Fox Theater was a great step in bringing people and money downtown with grand hopes. Bringing a wrecking ball to the Madison Lenox without much effort to find a suitable buyer isn't what DetroitBazaar would have liked to see happen in the city. The hotel, at the least, was a gateway into the Harmonie Park district- an up and coming neighborhood whose community is growing stronger by the month. It is in effect one of the only areas that reminds us of the term "world class city".


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Hosing it down, prepping for destruction.

Have you been to the parking lots near the Fox lately, perhaps to the Town Pump Tavern? It resembles an army base, but why? Parking lots surrounded by barbed wire fencing? We surely hope the Madison Lenox property doesn't become another military camp. Some buildings surely have to be torn down for the health and safety of residents and visitors but something tells us all of the options were not explored.

In conclusion, let's do all we can to rid the city of its slum-lords. Let's move on to prosperity. Let's tear down the barbed wire, build up, and take positive action wherever we can, and treat the people of this city with respect. We feel the results of respecting the city and people will return the investment- in time and money- many times over. Say no to barbed wire!


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More prepping- the central building was destroyed without notice the day before.

  • DetroitFunk's Madison Lenox Video- Windows Media Player.

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