Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good News For the Cass Corridor!

DetroitBazaar is proud to announce our participation in the Motor City Makeover in May. Anyone who would like to join us can email us at detroitbazaar@yahoo.com for information or visit the official site for the project at: http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/kcc/motorcity.htm

The area we have chosen is the Cass Corridor and we aim to clean until the sun goes down! Good things are happening there and around the city and we want to make sure people see it. Join us won't you? It's not just for the city, it's for the region. More importantly, let's make every month and every day a time to make Detroit beautiful. While we cannot force people to sweep, paint, rake, or pick up litter; We simply donate a few minutes of the day to something positive.

Our communications with the people involved in the project have been wonderful, friendly, and everything has been efficient. DetroitBazaar would like to thank the special, sweet lady who set it up for us- you know who you are! Good luck with your new job!

Peace and Blessings,


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