Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Home Again in Detroit from Metro Times

In the title link, you will find the tales of a few folks who have helped pave a path back into the heart of Detroit.

These folks aren't the only ones who see potential:

“There’s certainly a new demand for single-family housing in Detroit,” says Erich Crain, vice president of Crosswinds Communities Inc., the Novi-based developer building Jefferson Village."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of these people seeking to not only stay in Detroit, but transplant others there. Our group has brought over 70 people to a community that, 20 years ago, was desolate. Thank you and the Metro Times for focussing more attention to us. If you would like to talk or act more upon doing such things in the city, I've sent you an email. We can make blighted or abandoned areas of our city great again.
BTW, we have also reintroduced cobblestones and am all for isolating the "slum lord" Ilitch. I'd love to get together and renovate some of our grand theaters.

Jeff Hagen

4/10/2005 08:59:00 PM  

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