Friday, April 15, 2005

Belle Isle Needs More Friends!

The Friends of Belle Isle are working hard to bring the beauty back to our precious island city park. Detroit has long cherished this treasure on the River.
Older folks remember those hot days before air conditioning when people would flock to the island to cool off and share stories.

Younger folks unfortunately, have memories of rusted slides, a closed zoo, and perhaps a white deer or two running into the woods. The young also remember asking their parents:
"Why is there so much trash along the roads and in the water"

The parents say things like:
"The city doesn't have the money" or the dreaded "Because everything in Detroit is this way". How can we show our children what a wonderful place this is with such negative talk?

We don't need city money, we need action! If history is a gauge, we see that administration after administration has simply let the park decay.

We have seen Belle Isle go from a sparkling gathering place full of history, relaxing walks, and museums, to a litter plagued, boarded up, and sometimes dangerous place.

DetroitBazaar would like to invite you to befriend Belle Isle once again. Support the Friends of Belle Isle, but most importantly, we feel that only the private and volunteer sectors are truly capable of renewing a valued treasure where one can watch the sun set beyond the bridge.

Belle Isle too shall rise from the ashes and DetroitBazaar hopes to play a large role in it.

Peace to All.


Blogger the blogger formerly and forever known as Stacy said...

Hell yeah Belle Isle needs more friends!

I'm a friend of Belle Isle ... well, not like, I've ever sat town and had tears over beer with it or anything, but I'm all about preserving the history of Detroit and its cultural significance.

... 'cuz it's not like Flint, ever did much for me but piss me off!!


4/15/2005 05:56:00 PM  
Blogger DetroitBazaar said...

Heh, thanks Blogger Stacy! I don't think I'll be tipping any beers and tears into the river soon either, I would however like to watch the sunset and take a walk, maybe take a boat ride over for the fireworks, instead of sliding down a rusted slide and litter- though a beer or two might be a good thing in some situations. We'd like to see the museums preserved as well. Anyway, A friend of Belle Isle and preserving history is a friend of ours and we are working hard to do what we can in a vast terrain.

BTW, Flint made me upset one day too, and haven't been back since. Thanks for posting, why don't you check out our yahoo group linked on the main page?.


4/16/2005 10:26:00 PM  

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