Thursday, May 19, 2005

Have You Seen The Cass Corridor Lately?

Motor City Makeover week two...

We marched on during week 2, combing the streets we had cleaned the week before, trying to get a better idea of the people in the area and the trash that gets left behind. One problem we found was the lack of garbage cans, or quite simply the problem with people not using the ones available to them. Off the beaten path and side trips into some of the alleys, found some discouraging moments with overflowing dumpsters and scattered trash left behind by insensitive walkabouts and city workers who refuse to pick up what is left behind after their weekly pickups. DetroitBazaar plans to continue on past Motor City Makeover, because we all know 3 weeks out of the year is not enough; in our effort to clean this area, but we also need the help of locals, those that represent the Detroit work force and respect from all who come to enjoy the scene, to keep it clean.

Overall, we feel the warmth within ourselves for doing our part to build a stronger, cleaner community, and although we may only be 2 unknowns with stories that have been passed onto us of memories of a beautiful past and envisions of a brighter future, our goal is simple; Let's make it happen...block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood...let's work together.

Peace and light from DetroitBazaar


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