Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dennis Archer Endorses Freman Hendrix For Mayor

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Just passing the information on without too much comment! He seems to have a head on his shoulders-let us hope he uses it! There are others running, like Hansen Clarke, with an interesting interview from WDET, however Mr. Hendrix has the best chance of winning unless some kind of ground swell happens. Perhaps we can move on now, but we must continue to put pressure on the "officials" the people put into power. Consistency is key. Dennis Archer was a refreshing change from the older days but even he could not get much done in the heart of the city. It will take an army of people, businesses, and other private entities to bring this city back into the positive shine of sunlight. The power is within each of us- know that forever!

Will and Shawn at DetroitBazaar, LLC

Note: DetroitBazaar, LLC does not endorse any individual candidate


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