Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pool Party DetroitBazaar Style

Well, we called out the local organizations to email us about playing some pool. We went to the Bronx on Friday night, but where were you? As always, there were some wonderful people, ready to get going on a Friday night, but since other organizations and groups didn't see our message, or were to "yellow" to come out, we supported one of our favorite local businesses with some moolah! That's an area we take pride in and clean often. Yes, this is "wild west style" here, so any of you Detroit orgs or companies that want to challenge us to a game of pool in the city, bring it on! It's for fun, for laughs, cooperation and supporting local establishments, so what do you have to lose, except the game of pool you are about to play :P We kid of course.

PS. Yes we did receive a response from a to this point nameless group, but they were a no show. Yeah, yeah, we were only there for an hour. But we were also busy taping a couple shows at the TasteFest. :) Smiles, and peace to Detroit, all of our readers, and everyone who might want to coordinate some effort or volunteer to rebuild our city. BTW, we were happy to see the area between Cass and Second (especially on Prentis) not trashed. Perhaps our cleaning efforts- including those on Canfield- are bearing some fruit, so let's keep it up DetroitBazaar and friends. More projects are indeed on the way to and for Detroit with nationwide exposure, part of which was purchased with the above contributions. May the return to the city be tenfold at least.

Peace From Shawn and Will, DetroitBazaar, LLC


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