Tuesday, June 28, 2005

TasteFest, Music, Fun, and a City Challenge!

Check out the bands that are playing for free at the TasteFest this year, and dance the days and nights away Thursday, June 30 - Monday, July 4, 2005. No need for money unless you want to eat (but you can always bring your own food)- and come join the great vibe in a great area. While you're at it head on down to the Bronx for a three dollar Newcastle ;) You might see us challenging other local organizations to a game of pool! So, if you're part of another organization and are willing to put your city pride on the line, why not? Contact us at detroitbazaar@yahoo.com if you're interested in an all out back alley style pool brawl :) Doesn't even have to be at the Bronx. DetroitBazaar will travel. 5th Avenue perhaps? Honest?John's? Maybe something good can come of it for us all, from the businesses involved to the city! Kids, we'll treat you to some water, but we can use some help cleaning up the Cass Corridor while you share your visions. We'll have something for people of all ages in the coming months so don't fret.

This is the first challenge, there will indeed be more to come. It's all in fun, and we plan to head to Belle Isle to relax afterward.

Peace from Will and Shawn, DetroitBazaar, LLC


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