Friday, June 24, 2005

A Brief but Potentially Serious Note Involving Detroit and Michigan Property Owners

June 24, 2005-
"WASHINGTON - Cities may bulldoze people's homes to make way for shopping malls or other private development, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday, giving local governments broad power to seize private property to generate tax revenue."

This is from one of many articles hitting the news today. The Supreme Court has expanded the powers of cities(including Detroit) to seize personal property. We've seen some extreme cases around town in the recent past concerning this issue. DetroitBazaar will not comment on the politics of the situation. Rather, we urge you to study and stay informed on this topic as it will most certainly be felt around our city as the power shifts directly into the whims of very wealthy companies and away from solid individuals- rich and poor. Yes indeed, if someone wants your property and the land around it, all they have to do is "convince" the Mayor or state it is in their best interests and BAM, you're house is gone for a Walmart. Be concerned.

Another article:
Eminent domain: A big-box bonanza?
Court's ruling OKed land grab for business like Target, Home Depot, CostCo, Bed Bath & Beyond

Ruling and Dissent
Majority Opinion


June 24, 2005-
Well an article in today's Detroit Free Press is claiming Michigan property and home owners have absolutely nothing to worry about. While it is indeed now a state issue, precedent has been established. It is up to the good people of Detroit and Michigan to keep the pressure on government to assure our state laws and rules do not change for the worse- government sponsored land grabs at the expense of private property owners and residents.

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Anonymous Yuri said...

This was on channel 7 and Dave Bing's site. Did Kwame and the Feds have a hand in this?

"Right Size" Detroit? Keep and maintain property owners. Make them the responsible parties and increase population instead of babbling about silliness, more taxes, more control from city council and city hall... More corruption. 700,000 and a murder rate soars... Stop the federal War on Drugs while you're at it. Geez! When will people realize what is happening? When the Lions win the world series...

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Anonymous Yuri said...

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