Thursday, June 30, 2005

Population Matters- Detroit Relief is Needed

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For some cities, it's a race to a million residents, for others it's a slow decline. Crain's Detroit Business is reporting that San Jose, California- Yes, you read correctly- has just surpassed Detroit in population. From the article:
"An analysis of the latest 2004 census figures finds that Detroit has slipped out of the top-10 largest cities in the nation.

Detroit, with a population estimate of 900,198 in July 2004, was supplanted by San Jose, Calif., with 904,522..."

DetroitBazaar and it's owners are fairly young, but even we can remember when it was still the 6th largest city. The cities we were "worried" about were places like Dallas, Phoenix, and San Diego. Well, that's ancient history with cities like San Jose passing us up now. Trivia: San Antonio- you know, the city whose basketball team played the Pistons- is a larger city now as well*

There has indeed been an economic and societal Tsunami that has swept through this city since the 1950's. At one time the city was two million residents meaning more than half of the population has left, leaving it to basically rot. DetroitBazaar feels it is important to relay this information and offer this bit of hope- while it is true the Tidal Wave of destruction has torn our infrastructure up and demolished once great neighborhoods and job opportunities, there is now vacant land available to those who want to reinvigorate areas. With pressure on the city to sell vacant land for reasonable prices, more folks like you and me will be willing to rebuild. It will take time and we may never get back to even a million and a half residents but we can research what it will take to start action now. Lofts are great, but businesses and community is most important. We can build again. Remember, a 50 year landslide doesn't stop suddenly until it reaches the bottom of the valley. We're about there now. Today is a day to invest and pressure the city to clean, purchase, and build. As the city reverses itself, the insanely large tax burdens can come down, the momentum can be reversed, and every resident whether in a loft or a modest home in Southwest Detroit will be better off when they have the ability to purchase back city-owned property that rots, pressure slumlords to get out, and clean the alleys, streets, and parks. Simple things can go a long way. Join DetroitBazaar, by emailing or posting comments. We would love to gather a peaceful army to sweep through Detroit with brooms, lawn mowers, and most importantly, voices. No individual in our city and region is voiceless, remember that! We pull the strings, not corrupt "officials"! We as individuals can team together.

*Population is based on the city itself, not the surrounding metro area or area of dominant influence. Detroit Metro, when including Ann Arbor and Windsor has over 6 million. Over 5 million if Windsor is left out- still well into the top 10. What is a metro region when city it identifies with has been hit by a slow tsunami or earthquake. Thing is, we haven't heard of any mass effort from the Mayor, major businesses, or even organizations to set up a Detroit Relief Fund. DetroitBazaar is working on one, we'll see how far it goes.

Peace to Detroit, Metro Detroit, Michigan, and The Nation from Will and Shawn,
DetroitBazaar, LLC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Challenge: Bring your money, your Heart, your Love, your Might, your Clout... Let's clean this city every weekday and not take a break like Channel 7 and the coolio kids that cheer. Occupy a proper cause and don't stop like a true tea party. Change...

9/23/2012 12:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! DB was Years ahead of its time without all of the BS. Straight from the heart. Thank you!!! Check out Brush Park and the 63 for a glimpse. Be sure to compare and contrast with Google Maps over time (Google is indeed updating as I write. It is evident when zoomed in to just above street view). Don't let city hall make plans for you, the people. We still have the power to repopulate rather than "downsize". This may be too late for Brush Park but Here is a uniquely beautiful video of and from just one of the passionate and loving guides in our city:

Don't let the slumlord arsonists, looters, drug warriors, parasitic churches, corrupt entities/politicians, and city hall succeed in further destroying our historic city! Preserve, own, and Get out there to do something of value. Keep Detroit Bazaar in mind if need be as inspiration. They did something in the streets and on the internet before making documentaries and taking the same pictures of the same places became the thing to do! Paint your own pictures, Detroit, and we'll not only Rise from the Ashes! but create a truly World Class city once again. Thank you again whoever you are or were Detroit Bazaar.

10/09/2012 12:44:00 AM  

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