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Interesting Videos About Detroit Through the Ages

DetroitBazaar would like to share with you some sights and sounds from our city's past Here are some videos you may not have seen. Shot throughout the last century, they represent some- certainly not all- unique and rarely seen Disney-like visions of the past and are free to download or watch. They provide us with an interesting historical perspective and nice glimpses of how the city used to look and feel. There are even some "Grand Plans" that never came to fruition- showing us that some political rhetoric never goes away and propaganda lives in the hearts of polititians forever. You'll want a fast connection to download or you'll be there all day! We found Detroit's promotional videos for the 1968 olympic games very interesting so we'll present them first. Here's a rundown- Enjoy!:

Detroit: City on the Move (1965)
"Promotional film made for the City of Detroit, an unsuccessful bidder for the Olympic Games. With views of city highways, automobile manufacturing, a diverse population, and social activities, all shot prior to the city's economic decline."
The run time is 18:12 in mpg4 and mpg format. Stream is available too! Broadband is better for a faster download or stream.

Detroit You've Never Met Part One- Mid 1960's
"A really nice companion piece to Detroit: City on The Move except this time, the film was made for the US Olympic committee..." Run Time- 13:51
Detroit You've Never Met Part Two- Mid 1960's
"...Some great promises are made here about Olympic sites that of course were never built."
Run Time- 11:34

Detroit Newsreel (1917)
"Happenings in and around Detroit shot for local news cameras."

Comment from a watcher::
"What looks to be a newsreel designed for the upper crust of society in Detroit ... is a fascinating snapshot of Detroit cica 1917. Still quite stunning to look at, the film offers a glimpse at some new ideas (speed cops!), some lovely parades, and of course ways to help the poor folk out (while of course, making time for the polo matches later on in the day) quite a interesting little piece..."
Run time is 7:53.

This is your Police Department (1951)
Film on Detroit Police officers in two-parts one on the annual Detroit Police Field Day; the other on the hiring and training of cops.

Stock shots:

Police marching bands. Close-order drills. Track and field events. One division of policewomen seen. Hiring and training of officers. Target practice. first aid classes. Cadets, in what appears to be their underwear, practice "commando" movements with rifles in a gymnasium. Lie detector / polygraph.
Drunkometer / breathalyzer; ballistics test consisting of firing a gun into a box. School crossing; walking the beat. Helps little girl eating ice cream cone. Precinct map. Dispatchers. Police cars. Police respond to holdup. Shots fired; bang bang. Cop shot. Surprise shots: Plainclothes cops all wearing light-colored fedoras and suits march past. Real cops acting as clowns including a couple in drag. Tug-of-war
"this is your police department in review. These are the guardians of your city." Domestic disputes called "family trouble." "Joe had visions of being a hero, of defending some frail little woman whose husband was mistreating her. But in this case, Joe was told by a ruffled lady of the house to mind his own business. If she and her husband wanted to throw things at each other, that was their business."

¥ 6:42:60- 06:53:65
Nice image of a store-lined street in Detroit. Women leisurely walk by the store windows. A police officer walks in the opposite direction, and turns to look at a man walking by.

¥ 11:42:00- 11:54:07
A police car speeds by a line of traffic on a downtown Detroit street and rounds a corner. Pedestrians stop and stare. Detroit looks more like a town than a city.

¥ 18:21:47- 18:49:60
Strange image of retired policemen dressed as clowns running around a track at the Police Field Day in Detroit. One of them rides a bicycle and two others are strung together. They wave to the crowd. Cut to clowns dressed in wedding gear and then to a man dressed in drag (with a surly expression) slowly walking by the crowd."

Run time is 23:04.

If your hearts and eyes desire more free videos about Detroit or if you want to share your own immediately, visit

Peace to you and peace to Detroit,


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You people told the future. Now, they show this stuff in your movie houses and on the internet:

It's on Youtube too. Sparky. Peace be upon you and Bless you Boys...this is the year. Thank you, you are appreciated!

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