Sunday, September 18, 2005

Massive Cleanup Begins!

In the movie Back to School, there came a time when the diving team needed help. "Come on Melon, get your suit on!... We need ya" was the cry...

Well Detroit needs YOU!

Putting the mayor's makeovers to shame, the private sector headed by DetroitBazaar and community loving people, will band together until the snow falls to clean, promote the city, and spread the word.

When the snow does fall, DetroitBazaar will shovel drives for the needy, continue to spread good feelings, and rally troops for the renewal.

We need to thank The Bronx Bar, for their good-hearted gestures. You are indeed what Detroit truly needs- besides a great atmosphere! Good times and good people indeed. The Bronx saw us out there and sent kind and true wishes. Shawn and Will went in afterward and supported them. They reciprocated with good conversation and spirit. Private business owners doing what they can. Every one any of us touch or talk with can be another opportunity for change and triumph. We applaud The Bronx and the people at the Old Miami for caring. May your businesses flourish!

City and State "officials" like to preach about having pride in your city in order to have pride in ourselves. Well, let them get their gloves on and join us in the revolution. We'd like to see the politicians out there with orange rubber gloves picking up the trash they are responsible for since they are totally unwilling to lower any of the burdens of doing good business. The true reality is, having pride in ourselves as people with hearts and souls will make our city prosper forever. Pride comes from within our hearts and the community's people, not from some politicians. Join us and embrace the peaceful but real revolution today! There are many fronts to fight. There are many good times to be had- Be sure of that!

Peace to you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another area to clean up. Tom Boy market shouldn't cut it in a world class city ya think? Check that place out one day and you'll have the inspectors in their in a heartbeat. I 'm all for good small business but to treat the residents like filth is criminal. Detroit, take care of that and other filthy establishments and devote yourselves to real business.

Peace to Detroit,

11/25/2005 03:48:00 AM  

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