Wednesday, August 17, 2005

DetroitBazaar Presents a Kite Flying Club

By demand, DetroitBazaar proudly presents the "DetroitBazaar Kite Flying Club!"
The ancient art of flying kites has been a smile producing event for good-hearted and family oriented folks across the world. After feeling the fresh air one weekend with his daughter on Belle Isle, a member of DetroitBazaar thought "why not bring people together by flying kites along our river?"

Well, the forces of history, community, and synergy have convinced us to launch a concept for all to participate in for three seasons out of a precious year- Kites. Bring your friends and family, put a friendly face on, and enjoy the creativity!

If you want to join DetroitBazaar's Kite Flying Club please shoot us an email! If not, enjoy Belle Isle anyway and may we see you there ;)!

Peace, light, and good times to YOU and Detroit!

The DetroitBazaar Kite Flying Club is property of DetroitBazaar, LLC. Feel free to create your own. :)


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