Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Real Vibe

Having grown up in the Metro Detroit area and always being proud to call Detroit home, I have also had the need to see outside of this box. The Midwest mentality and specifically our own desolate section of the mitten, with it's clouded haze 6 months of the year, gave me reason to leave in the past, yet here I reside once again. I could have stayed away, and I have many reasons that make me believe I'm slightly crazy for returning to this little corner of the world, but here I sit. I've battled with my choice since moving back in 2004, but at the moment I feel contentedness, at ease knowing that most feelings are ultimately prominent no matter where you are located.

Despite the frustration that comes with living in an area so full of hardships, I can honestly say that I am grateful for that little thing called karma. Obviously karma is a significant factor in our lives, and realizing the reality of it is often forgotten. No matter what religion you pursue, karma is a common thread, even beyond the Golden Rule.

On the evening of Tuesday, November 6, I was invited to the premier of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe at the Fillmore Detroit aka the State Theatre. It appears that I have a friendly reader who thought that DetroitBazaar should be in attendance and be a part of the experience, to which I gladly accepted. As if being invited to this "exclusive" event wasn't enough, the fact that a special tour of the newly renovated Fillmore was planned, had me even more excited. I'd been to the State at least 100 times over the years and getting an up close, behind the scenes tour of a piece of Detroit history was gratifying. Although I was a bit disappointed about the change from the State to the Fillmore, I must say that after the tour, I've come to my senses and seen firsthand that this change has done nothing but good for the theater itself. Not only restoring a building that isn't even owned by the managing company, but updating and adding special touches that only a soul like Bill Graham could provide has proved to be a step in the right direction. Everything from installing the original chandeliers, recreating things that had been stolen or gone missing over the years, replacing old theater seats with new (and in an eco friendly way by purchasing previously used seats from other theaters), fixing and patching the intricate details throughout the venue, adding many rock art posters that have taken place at not only the State Theatre, but various Michigan venues, all the way down to the bowl of apples at the entrance that Bill Graham was well known for at the original Fillmore.

Again, what it all comes back to is karma. Positive reinforcement that if you do good things and show kindness and respect, that you will be rewarded (if you have the patience). Sure, the Pontiac Vibe Slam may not seem like a reward, but being back here in Detroit, when it involves meeting new friendly faces with the truest of intentions, it goes from being a reward to a privilege.

So I would like to take the time to thank my friend and fellow blogger Lish from Handmade Detroit and My Vintage Kitschen for the invitation and enjoyable experience. I would also like to request that anyone who takes the time to read this also be sure to check out Kirk over at MotorCityBlog. There is a lot of good in Detroit, and although sometimes you "just gotta poke around," once you find it, it's in your blood forever!

To quote the lyrics of Robert Hunter:
"You say you've seen this town clear through
Nothing here that could interest you
It's not because you missed out
on the thing we had to start
Maybe you had to much to fast
and just overplayed your part"

"Nothing shaking on Shakedown Street
Used to be the heart of town
Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart
You just gotta poke around"


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