Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Boys of Summer

Is it me, or are the Cleveland Indians almost as annoying as the Yankees? I say almost because no team in MLB is as annoying as the smug Yankees.

Ah, the final games of the season quickly coming to an end, and the Tigers still have some fuel left in them to make it into the playoffs. I try to stay hopeful and have faith in the team I have loved for so long (even when they were worse then the 2007 White Sox!), and I have not given up hope yet. With Kenny Rogers pitching last night and a 5-2 lead in the 8th inning with Zumaya coming onto the mound, I felt pretty confident that our boys were about to prove that they were not done fighting, and that that magic that they held in the 2006 season had started to return. I mean, they had won 5 in a row, which they hadn't done since what, June? and the team seems to be playing on all cylinders. So why is it that I still can't get over last nights extra innings loss? It's just a game and doesn't, or shouldn't affect my life. Like I said, I still have hope, and that's all one really needs for anything in life. A little hope. I will be watching every game left in the season, and deep down inside I know that anything can happen and perhaps our Tigers will do to Cleveland what Minnesota did to us on the last game of the season last year and win the division, (although beating the Yankees to make the Wild Card would be just as sweet), but either way I am and always will be proud to be a Tigers fan.

Let's Go Tigers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Tribe. You are an idiot. How can you say the Indians are almost as annoying as the $%^&*$%% Yankees? Moron from Michigan!! We should all stand in common ground in our hatred of the Yank"me's". I'm a lifelong Indians fan. I don't hate the Tigers. I freaken disdain the Yankee's as all real baseball fans should - they try to buy the ring every year. They have a team salary of $210M. The Indians team salary is $61M. 1/3 the salary. I'm tired of frontrunning Yankee's fans. The "mystique" is a bunch of crap. Screw you "moron from Michigan". Oh, and GO TRIBE, GO BUCKEYES AND GO CAVS!! %^!@#$ THE YANKEES!!!

10/04/2007 12:52:00 AM  
Blogger DetroitBazaar said...

How old are you? Because you certainly sound pretty immature. I never once in my post said I hate the Indians. Perhaps a bit frustrated that they kept us out of the playoffs, but no hate. Your name calling and immature attitude makes me wonder about Indians fans though...are they all like you? This is a sport, and like all sports fans, we become passionate about our favorite teams, but you must remember, this in not our life, the players are not our friends and in the end the outcome will not change our lives. You may have bragging rights, but that really means nothing. I wish the Indians the best of luck in the playoffs, although I think the Red Sox are my pic for AL Champs.
Anyway, you can continue to call me a "moron from Michigan" and show the rest of the world how rude Indians fans can be, but I won't sink to that level. There is enough hatred in this world already and hatred is a waste of energy.

"Can't wait for the Tigers in '08"

10/04/2007 11:13:00 AM  

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