Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jack White disses the D and moves to Nashville

I have been shocked to hear what Jack has had to say lately. In the May issue of Rolling Stone when asked if Jack misses Detroit, Jack replied, "F**k no!" laughing. "He laughs even harder at the headline of a recent Onion story: Detroit sold for scrap." And now in a recent Spin interview it seems as if Jack has nothing nice to say about the city he once called home and helped make him who he is. I have yet to read the full article in Spin, but there was a short article in Fridays Detroit News that shares some insight on Whites exit from Detroit. Click on the title link to read the full article, but the part that stuck out the most to me was, "White goes on to say in Detroit he was "in a negative environment surrounded by negative people," and even says the “Satan” referred to in the album title of the Stripes’ 2005 album “Get Behind Me Satan” is a partial reference to the city, along with the parts of his personality he left behind when moving to Nashville."

I myself have felt negative feelings in this city and have left, living out west for 8 years, but I always remembered my roots and where home is, realizing that it has a lot to do with who I am as an individual. Of course a city doesn't make a person, but once you leave, you are ultimately still the same person in a different enviroment. Anywhere you go, there you are, and it's all what you make it.

I have and always will enjoy what Jack has done with the White Stripes, but hearing the negative backlash against a city that created his signature sound and put him in the spotlight is not only sad, but quite disappointing as well. Does this mean that there will be no more White Stripes albums? And if there are more Stripes albums to be released in the future, how will Nashville change the sound. I guess only time will tell. Good luck to you Jack, and hopefully you'll one day realize that Detroit loves you and you'll return as Detroits rock-n-roll son.


Anonymous chris said...

personally, i can't say i've ever held the Stripes in much high order, but i do think that this city is one that has oh so much to offer, you only need to be willing to help in its growth yourself.

detroit gives to those who give back to it.

i have seen so many give up on this city and move to other locations that have already established themselves as some sort of a mecca, why can't we work together to help Detroit grow to its full potential?

sorry for the cliche, but its so frustrating to see just another in a long line of people giving up on this beautiful city

just as your headline says: It Shall Rise From the Ashes!

5/31/2006 01:46:00 AM  

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