Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thank you! Let's reflect and get down to business making this city shine!

Well...I just wanted to let everyone know that DetroitBazaar just recently celebrated it's 1 year anniversary, and today hit the 10,000 visits mark! Detroit has seen a lot of changes in the past year including many clean-ups done by us!

We've had some bad moments, such as the demolition of the Madison-Lenox, The Statler and quite a few more buildings that could have and should have been saved. We have also seen some positive change, although some of it may have not lasted long! Such as the clean-up's the city did just for out of town visitors for the All Star game and Superbowl. I still don't understand why the city will clean up for guests but doesn't seem to care what it looks like every other day. Shouldn't we care enough about our city to keep it clean regardless of what is going on? On any given day you can find a dozen or more needles in just about every alley way in Detroit, yet no one seems to care enough until "the world is coming".

I hope that the year ahead will show more promise and that some well thought out decisions are made, such as with the Book-Cadillac Hotel. Will the development see the light of day this year? One can hope. Especially with the sad news that Tiger Stadium could be demolished as early as this summer. All for what? A Home Depot or Wal-Mart that will look like an army base surrounded by barbed wire? And most likely go out of business after a few short years because of theft and lack of security...left as an abandoned parking lot that will quickly be bought by Illitch so he can make more money.

Ok...that is the end of my rant.

All I am really trying to say, is thank you to the people who read this blog and hopefully all wish for the same positive change that we do. And on that note...we are still looking for volunteers to help us on our clean-ups because it's going to take an army to clean this city and keep it clean. That includes you Kwame. The Motor City Makeover is coming up and that's a great thing for the city, but let's keep it going on atleast a bi-monthly rate, because once a year doesn't cut it!


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