Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Gambling time!

The Wolrd Series is under way and back in Detroit after 22 long years.
I'm not sure how many of you read the Detroit Craigslist Rants and Raves section or any sports blogs for that matter, but I certainly find it amusing how fans act like they are members of the team themselves and talk so much trash as if it is going to help their team win. This is a sporting event and both teams are in the World Series because they were obviously the best teams in their own divisions. Why can't people be more civilized and just wish luck to each other and hope that the better team wins. Regardless, win or lose, this will be a good series and both teams have a good chance at claiming the prize.

As far as the Kenny Rogers debate. It's time to let it go. The game was played well, and the Tigers won. The series is tied now and the Cardinals will get their chance to win some games in front of their home crowd. Did Kenny have pine tar on his hand? Perhaps. A combination of dirt, rosin, spit? Whatever it was, it was there for one inning and after it was washed off it didn't seem to make a difference as he dominated the Cardinal batters. Have any of the people complaining ever pitched in 30 degree weather? If so, is it easy for you to get a grip on the ball? As it has been stated, about 60% - 70% of pitchers have used pine tar at some point. Batters are allowed to use it on their hands for a better grip. Does that seem fair? Not to most of us it doesn't. Regardless, Kenny pitched a great game and the Cardinal batters just couldn't keep up, even after the first inning.

I also find Fox Sports quite annoying. I don't think that announcers/analysts should be able to favor certain teams in the playoffs through the World Series. It's one thing when it's a local broadcaster calling a regular season game, as it is obvious who they are rooting for, but these "Prime Time" overpayed analysts/announcers during the playoffs and World Series should just do their job and call the game. It seemed to me that Joe Buck and analyst Tim McCarver can't do their job properly. (Note that Tim McCarver was a member of the Cardinals when they lost to our beloved Tigers in the 68 World Series and Joe Buck got his start doing baseball play-by-play for the Louisville Redbirds,which was a minor league affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, before going on to broadcast for the Cardinals on local St. Louis television and radio) Is it really their job to look for players behavior? Isn't that the Managers and players job to have a keen eye? Different situation, but look what happened to Steve Lyons for his remarks during game 3 of the ALCS...he was fired for not sticking to the game and making off the wall remarks. Did any of you also happen to catch the American Idol promo during game 1 where they had the World Series listed as the Mets vs Tigers? What a joke! Obviously someone (a New York Exacutive?) at Fox was rooting for the Mets and couldn't take the time to catch their own error before running the commercial.

Anyway...this is a game, not your life, not your team, probably not even your friends. These guys get payed millions to play a game they love and all of the fans bickering back and forth will not change the outcome of who wins or loses. So just sit back and enjoy seeing your favorite team play the game and quite being so uncivilized.

Oh yeah, and... GO TIGERS!!


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Wolrd? lol. JK. Our East Jefferson Branch does that all the time and we don't pay editors but we get the word out by the thousands. Hope all is fellin' well. Jay Z says hi...

Holla back DB. Got some proto stuff if you want it about that street scene thing that's been talked about.

Ain't no Show like the Auto Show in Detroit!

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