Friday, July 14, 2006

Tom Waits - The Orphans Tour

Tom Waits previous dates in Michigan:
May 7 - 13, 1973 @ Raven Gallery - Southfield (dates not certain)
July 2, 1974 @ Cobo Hall - Detroit
November or December 1974 @ Stables Club - East Lansing
(Stables Club was a Jazz club, Tom opened up for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)
May 10, 1974 @ I.M.A. Auditorium - Flint
July 2, 1974 @ Cobo Hall - Detroit
November 23, 1974 @ Michigan State University - East Lansing
November 1, 1975 @ Hill Auditorium - Ann Arbor
November 13 1976 @ Erikson Kiva - Lansing
November 14, 1976 @ the Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak
October 21, 1977 @ Michigan Theatre - Ann Arbor
October 27, 1977 @ Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak
unknown date 1978 @ unknown venue - Ann Arbor
May 5, 1982 @ the Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak
October 24, 1987 @ State Theatre - Kalamazoo
October 26 & 27, 1987 @ the Power Centre - Ann Arbor

Almost 19 years later, the one and only Tom Waits will be returning for a special performance at the Detroit Opera House on August 11. I am not sure how many Tom Waits fans read this page, but for those of you who do and are a fan, I hope that you were able to get a ticket to what proves to be something special.
I have come close to seeing Mr. Waits perform, and have wanted to for many, many years, but in previous attempts it never seemed to work out.

Although Ticketmaster had some glitches in their system when tickets went on sale the morning of July 14, I managed to get two tickets as part of an anniversary present for my wife and myself. It was by far the most expensive ticket(s) I have ever purchased, but seeing that the man doesn't tour very much (or at all) these days, and the fact that this could very well be his last tour, it was worth every penny. I am glad I did get tickets though, because it sold out within about an hour.

Tom is an amazing songwriter/storyteller, and I am glad that he has decided to make his way back to the Midwest after all of these years. This proves to be an amazing experience for me and all of the others that will be in attendance.

Here is a little fun for the kid in all of us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you got tickets. I missed out due to a flaw in the system over at TicketBastard! Will you let us know how the show was?

7/24/2006 11:33:00 AM  

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