Monday, March 03, 2008

11th Annual MetroTimes (Hamtramck) Blowout

This Wednesday, March 5 marks the official start of the 11th Annual Metro Times Blowout with a launch party at the Majestic Complex (Majestic Theatre, Magic Stick and Garden Bowl). The real fun then begins on Thursday, March 6 and lasts through Saturday, March 8.
Although there is a lot going on, here are a few of the highlights:
Thursday, March 6:
Chill & Mingle
11 pm - Dutch Pink

Whiskey In The Jar
12 am - Dondo De La Mancha

Friday, March 7:

11 pm - Prussia
12 am - Duende!
1 am - Wildcatting

1 am - The Budget Sinners

Saturday, March 8:
Knights Of Columbus (Lounge)

10 pm - Woodman

Painted Lady

12 am - MAS!

1 am - The Questions

For a list of the complete line-up be sure to visit the
Official Blowout site!


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